Waar komt de naam Hot Potatoes vandaan?

Heeft u zich wel eens afgevraagd waar de naam van het bekende programma vandaan komt? Hieronder vindt u de verklaring van één van de makers, Martin Holmes:

“Hi there,

The story goes back to around the time we released the first version of JQuiz on Windows. I used to bring a potato to work every day, and microwave it for lunch. Hilary, who was our graphics guy at the time, noticed one day that I had a particularly beautiful potato, so he picked it up and put his hand in the scanner, holding the potato. The picture was so beautiful that we decided to use it as the splash screen for JQuiz, but we needed to find a reason for using it, so we invented a fictitious company called “Half-Baked Software” (of course, the company really exists now — we incorporated it in 1999 — but it didn’t then).

Later, when we collected together the applications to create the first release of the complete Hot Potatoes package, we decided to use the same splash screen and the same theme, so we invented the name Hot Potatoes, and Hilary used the graphic as the basis for the graphical interface for the programs. Later still, when Hot Potatoes began to make a little money, we had to create a company to handle it, so we used the name Half-Baked Software Inc.

So it started out as a joke, and turned into a viable corporation.”



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